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PHP serializing and unserializing with circular references

In Aomebo Framework, which is my PHP MVC framework. Runtimes can be serialized and unserialized to improve speed.

Runtimes could contain a list of Routes, which is used for URL routing and URL generation. The Routes contain a reference to the Runtime that they are associated with.

So we have the following relationships.

Runtime -> Routes, Route -> Runtime = Runtime <-> Route

In order to improve the speed of the framework I was implementing a serializing and unserializing feature. Serializing Runtimes without Routes worked from scratch. When a Runtime contain at least one Route, the php execution stopped without any notice (Fatal Error). Was hard to debug.

I solved it by doing the following.

1. Runtime Routes are stored outside of Runtimes.
2. Serialize all Runtimes without their Routes.
3. Replace the references to Runtimes in Routes with class-name strings only.
4. Serialize all Routes.

1. Unserialize all Runtimes (no Routes were stored in Runtimes).
2. Unserialize all Routes, references are only class-name strings now.
3. Iterate through Routes and replace reference class-name strings with instanciated Runtimes based on class-name.

Now it works as expected, and with high improve in speed and resources.

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